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We design, supply, install and maintain a range of lighting solutions, from display lighting in shops to commercial lighting in offices. We offer low energy LED lighting and fittings to reduce costs and environmental impact.

The most sustainable source of lighting is natural daylight. It is a free, renewable resource, so why not make the most of it? Our solutions, designed to maximise the use of natural light, coupled with the introduction of daylight linking can provide significant energy & cost savings and corresponding carbon reductions.

Efficient Design: The first step to reducing lighting energy consumption is to ensure that the materials used are efficient, suitable and installed appropriately to give the correct illumination levels. LED or florescent lights can be installed in the place of incandescent and halogen down lights. These are more energy efficient and cost effective and require less maintenance.

Switching: A building relying on manual switching alone could result in unacceptable energy wastage – details here.

Up to 40% of business costs can be spent on lighting. Therefore, by reducing this cost a business can improve its profitability. We have the products and expertise to help achieve this goal.

Take advantage of our FREE lighting audit. Allow us to visit your site, calculate your energy costs and offer a low energy solution. Many of the energy efficient commercial lights and lighting solutions we offer do not require new fittings, which minimize purchase costs, installation costs and disposal costs.

If an energy efficient lighting solution is required, we can provide payback schedules to work out exactly how much money you will save. Schedules can be calculated for Retrofit Fluorescent, Low bay / High bay conversions and Halogen to LED.

In today’s safety – conscious world, illumination of both public and private exterior spaces is becoming increasingly important as a way to heighten security. More specifically in the domestic setting, there is an increased focus on the garden as an additional living space, leading to further demand for exterior lighting solutions. At Butler West, we will assess your requirements and provide the most suitable, energy efficient and cost effective solution.

SPECIAL OFFER:  For our domestic customers, contact us for your FREE home electrical assessment.

For our commercial clients, we currently offer a FREE lighting report with every PIR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). Our engineers are fully qualified and conversant with the latest energy saving initiatives. By switching to low energy LED lighting, you can save up to 80% of your lighting costs.

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