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An EICR (formerly Periodic Inspection Report or PIR) is like an MOT for the electrical system in your house or commercial property and we recommend that you have this done every five years. Have you had yours tested recently?

Every electrical installation must be inspected and tested periodically as they all deteriorate with use and over time. The EICR is a report on the condition of the mains power wiring system of a property as well as other types of low voltage wiring such as telephone, data and alarm system cables. These inspections must be performed by a competent electrical engineer as the safety of the people using the installation should never be put at risk. The engineer will report on damage or deterioration to socket outlets, switches, light fittings, fuseboards etc, any dangerous conditions or defects within the installation as well as signs of overheating or burning. The results are clearly detailed in a report, along with a list of observations. Contact us to arrange an appointment or to discuss any concerns you may have. 

The EICR was formerly known as the PIR (Periodic Inspection Report) but because problems existed with the old system, the new EICR came into use at the beginning of 2012. However, there are electrical contractors who are not aware of the changes and are still issuing old PIR certificates.

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