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A report issued recently by the Department of Energy and Climate Change confirmed what many of us already thought was true; energy prices continue to increase. The report states that in real terms, domestic electricity rates were up 5.5% compared with a year ago, including VAT. In addition, the report found that energy consumption rose by 5.1%, with domestic consumption up a whopping 32.8%. While the dramatic increase in domestic consumption is largely credited to the warmer weather last year, the report is clear. We are using more energy and it is costing us more.

Consumers are far from helpless in saving energy costs and money, but they must take action. Too many in the UK are not taking advantage of energy saving opportunities. There are energy saving steps you can take, and Butler West can help get you started.

Take Control

At Butler West, we can help you take control. We can show you how to save electricity and take control of escalating energy costs. It starts with an eye opening electrical audit.

Energy and Climate change Secretary Edward Davey has set out to implement measures to help ensure that consumers are treated equally. He has also attempted to make sure that families in the UK are getting better savings on their gas and their electricity. He is implementing measures to ensure better billing. At Butler West, we believe these efforts offer opportunities to save money.

Shop Around

While energy bills are rising, curiously, fewer people seem to be shopping around to change to a more beneficial deal. This is why the government is working with Ofgem to ensure that consumers have information on their bills that can be clearly understood. This will help consumers understand options about the supplier’s cheapest tariff and the savings consumers could make by switching.

You can be pro-active in saving money on your electricity costs by contacting Butler West. Butler West can help you decide not only which provider may be best for you, but can help you save significant amount of energy throughout your home or business.


Butler West Can Save You Money

By combining a more cost effective energy provider with recommendations on how to save electricity, Butler West can make a significant difference to your home or business energy costs. This includes lighting and power source distribution solutions that will pay for themselves within a short period of time. Butler West also offers a free lighting audit that can save you up to 80% of your lighting costs.

If you want to learn how to save energy by making your home more energy efficient, schedule an energy audit today. Contact Butler West on 02179 876 961 or by Email here. Butler West Electrical Services Ltd. offers energy efficient, cost effective, sustainable solutions for your home or business.

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